Rick and Morty

Back-up stories for Oni Press' monthly Rick and Morty comic book series, based on the most popular show in the multiverse!
Issues 36-40, debuting in March 2018! Art by Rii Abrego. Colors by Sarah Stern. Letters by Crank!

Issue 36

Poor Jerry is having the worst of days-but it's mostly his fault. How will he get bailed out this time?

Issue 37

LET THE RICK ONE IN: PART I. In this two-part spooky special, Rick and Morty face the hideous hordes of the sexy undead-VAMPIRES!

Issue 38

Here we go vampire-ing again! Summer's still being held captive by the Draculas (who are actually sort of smitten with her) and our hallowed heroes are storming the castle-literally! It's a drag-out, fang-out, stake-out, blood-soaked rescue story.

Issue 39

Rick and Morty get arrested for smuggling and are being sent to the worst penal colony in the universe. Can they escape this space paddy wagon before they get locked up forever? Will there be additional shenanigans? You know there will be!

Issue 40

Rick and Morty are locked in a lethal battle royale, but Rick has a secret weapon - the Transformatron, which can change him into any form. Pizza Rick! Cactus Rick! Butter Churn Rick! IT'S A RICK-STRAVAGANZA! 

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