Josh Trujillo is a writer, editor, and comic book creator based in San Rafael, California. He has worked with clients including Boom! Studios, Dark Horse Comics, Shanken Creative Group, Oni Press, Telltale Games, and DC Comics, among others. He is available for freelance or long-term contracted work.

Trujillo is perhaps best known for his self-published efforts, writing the technological romance series Love Machines, and editing the tabletop gaming anthology Death Saves: Fallen Heroes of the Kitchen Table. His work spans different genre and audiences, specializing in children's fiction, fantasy, humor, history, romance, gaming, and LGBTQ issues.

Josh's full-time work is as a writer for video games, including Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series and Batman: The Enemy Within. This passion for gaming extends to his comics work as well. In 2015, he created, edited and published Death Saves: Fallen Heroes of the Kitchen Table, an anthology collecting stories about what happens to beloved tabletop RPG characters when they run out of hit points. Inspired by the success of the project, Trujillo created the Death Saves Total Party Kill Guide, a book of tabletop gaming advice and a humorous spin on old gaming handbooks. A second volume of Death Saves debuted in 2018.

Josh is a writer of the Adventure Time original graphic novel series by Cartoon Network and Boom! Studios. The first two, The Four Castles and President Bubblegum were released in 2016 and Brain Robbers was released in 2017. Trujillo has stories appearing in DC Comics and IDW's Love is Love, benefiting victims of the Orlando nightclub tragedy, and Alphabet, benefiting the Prism Comics Queer Press Grant. 2017 saw the release of the first hardcover, color Love Machines collection in the Fall.

In 2017, Trujillo released 45 American Presidents a limited edition sketchbook featuring pen and ink drawings of each of the American Presidents. Patriotism and Americana are recurring themes in Trujillo's comic work, writing President Bubblegum for Cartoon Network, and the Revolutionary War romance Declaration with artist Levi Hastings.

In March 2018, Trujillo will debut a new series from Boom Studios, Dodge City, with artist Cara McGee. The book is a look at the high stakes, high school world of competitive dodgeball. Also in early 2018 Trujillo will begin work as a writer for the Rick and Morty comic book series. from Oni Press.

Trujillo speaks for inclusiveness and diversity in popular media, and works alongside groups including the USC ONE Archive and Prism Comics. He has moderated discussion panels on historical comics, writing all-ages material, and his self-published comics. Trujillo organized and moderated San Diego Comic Con's first panel on queer gaming. Josh loves his dog, his country, and is of good moral fiber.

You can remain updated on his work by following Josh on Twitter @LostHisKeysMan.

Publishing Credits

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  • Love Machines Issue 5 "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World" Art by Wyeth Yates (Self-Published) 
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  • Total Party Kill Guide, Art by Various (Self-Published)
  • Death Saves: Fallen Heroes of the Kitchen Table, Art by Various (Self-Published) 
  • Love Machines Issue 4 "Hero and Leander" Art by Kate Glasheen and Colin Andersen (Self-Published) 
  • Unlawful Good: An Anthology of Crime "The Auger" Art by Elliot Baggott (Dude What Comics) 
  • Love Machines Issue 3, "Applications/Lung" Art by Dave Valeza / Patrick Horvath (Self-Published)
  • 2299: Sci-Fi Transmissions from the Future "Elder" Art by Lonku (Gumroad)
  • Love Machines Issue 2 "Black Beauty" Art by Ben Bishop/ JB Wolfe (Self-Published) 
  • Love Machines Issue 1 "Workers of all Lands, Unite!" Art by Ryo Kawakami / Michael Shisler (Self-Published)
  • Anything That Loves "You'll Find the Right Girl, Eventually" Art by Dave Valeza. (Northwest Press)
  • The Reason for Dragons "The Butter Maid" Art by Ben Bishop (BOOM! Studios)

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