Fallen Heroes of the Kitchen Table

These are all-new comic book stories about what happens when fantasy gaming characters run out of hit points. These 16 stories feature a worldwide assortment of talent. With many years of combined gaming experience between the creators, each comic explores the time-honored tradition of killing player characters in a unique, and often unexpected way.

Every gaming table is different. Some are humorous, others deadly serious. However, one constant is that the real relationships between players impacts the fantasy characters’ fate as much as the dice.

Our contributors are some of the brightest up-and-coming talents in comics: Travis Ames, Tara Madison Avery, Steven Bagatzky, Matthew Blake, Kevin Budnik, Matthew Digges, Tomasz "Spell" Grzadziela, Rob Hebert, Austin Hamblin, James Kersey, Jonathan Lareva, Cecilia Latella, Ryan Little, Keith McLean, Dijibril Morissette-Phan, Ryan Nichols, Chris Northrop, Timathy Quam, Michael Schisler, Michael Sebastian, Ayşegül Sinav, Josh Trujillo, SM Vidaurri, Andrew Weiss, Jeremy Wetzel, and Josh Zingerman!

Death Saves features a special introduction by noted game designer Adam Koebel! Adam co-created Dungeon World, which in 2012 was named Indie RPG Game of the Year.

Edited by Josh Trujillo
Book design by Adam Pruett
Cover design by Jared Morgan

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Story by Josh Trujillo
Art by Michael Schisler


Story by SM Vidaurri
Art by Josh Zingerman
and Aysegül Sinav
Colors by Tamas Vargas

"Roll of the Die"

Story by Michael Sebastian
Art by Cecilia Latella

"Roll vs.
Dungeon Master"

by Matthew Blake


"Blood Lust"

Story by Jeremy Wetzel
Art by James Kersey

"Brassfist of the Gore"

Story by Andrew Otis Weiss
Art by Matt Digges


Story by Josh Trujillo
Art by Kendall Goode

"Coming to Life"

Story by Austin Allen Hamblin
Art by Timathy Quam
& Aaron Viel


"The Tomb of Horrible Death"

by Bill Roundy



by Keith MacLean

"Crit Fail"

by Kevin Budnik

"Masculinity /

by Tara Madison Avery


Story by Ryan Nichols
Art by Djibril Morisette-Phan


"Ambassador of Chance"

by Jonathan Lareva


by Rob Hebert

"The Blank Slate"

by Travis Ames
Colors by Chris Northrop

"The Deacon's Orb"

Story by Josh Trujillo
Art by Stephen Bagatzky
Letters by Adam Pruett


Inspired by classic gaming manuals of yore, the Death Saves Total Party Kill Guide is full of tips, tricks, and original content to improve your gaming adventures. rather than devote itself to a single rules system, this is generalized advice and encounters that can be used in whichever stupid game you like to play.

This black and white guide features and original adventure module inspired by many of the stories in the original Death Saves. "The Tomb of Horrible Death" is guaranteed to kill every single player in your party and ruin your night.

Written by Josh Trujillo and Dan Phipps, with Ryan Nichols
Book design by Keith MacLean
Cover by Dave Zissou

Copyright © All rights reserved.
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