Set against the backdrop of the American Revolutionary War, Declaration tells the story of two men, Hiram and Zacharius. As the the Colonies take steps towards rebellion, our lovers are caught in the conflict.

Story by Josh Trujillo
Art by Levi Hastings
Released Fall 2016. Next Issue Spring 2018.

A digital edition of Declaration is available for purchase here.

A print edition of Declaration is available for purchase here.

"...It’s a fine start as the creative team has crafted a romance with its own share of obstacles (both men are of significant class difference — not that they notice). Nonetheless, readers will be rooting for the central characters. That’s not a statement. That’s a declaration. "

- Christian Holub, Entertainment Weekly

"Declaration reminds us that the past is present, that historical narratives matter, and the reclamation of those narratives is ongoing."

- Kate Tanski, Women Write About Comics


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