DODGE CITY is a sports comedy mini-series about the high-energy chaos, heightened drama, and exaggerated costumes of competitive dodgeball.

Writer Josh Trujillo and illustrator Cara McGee suit up to tell the story of the Jazz Pandas —the worst team in the history of dodgeball. Inspired by classic sports manga, Dodge City features romance and compelling interpersonal drama both on and off the court.

The book is notable for its diverse cast. Several characters regularly speak Spanish to one another, while fan-favorite Huck is deaf and uses a combination of ASL and text messages to communicate. It is a huge goal of the book to portray diversity not as an ideal to uphold, but rather reflect the way real people live today.

Story by Josh Trujillo
Art by Cara McGee
Colors bu Brittany Peer
Letters by Aubrey Aiese

Issues 1-4 were released in Spring 2018. by BOOM! Studios as part of their BOOM! Box imprint.

A collected edition is available now!

Critical Praise for Dodge City

"It’s difficult to make a book that can be all-ages that also keeps the interest of adults, and one that displays the amount of heart and humor that Dodge City does is remarkable."

Caitlin Rosenberg
AV Club

"There’s something charming about Trujillo’s take on an off-beat sport like dodgeball - coming hot on the heels of Fence and even its slightly older sibling series Slam!, Dodge City offers something fresh and entirely new."

C.K. Stewart

"Trujillo’s script is both tight and efficient, and McGee’s illustrations are right there with him, a figurative and literal blur of rubber balls and bodies. At the same time, in the rare quiet moments—or even in the thick of the action—Trujillo adeptly allows his characters to fully be themselves. And damn, they’re some likeable misfits."

John Schnaidler
Multiversity Comics

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