Other comics written by Josh Trujillo

"All the World is Green"

Story by Josh Trujillo
Art by Josan Gonzales

A sci-fi retelling of the Tom Waits song, "All the World is Green," itself inspired by Georg Büchner's play "Woyzeck."

Originally published in
"5 Short Comics by Josh Trujillo"
Winter 2016


Story by Josh Trujillo
Art by Lonku

A tribal woman is taken to a technologically advanced city in the clouds, and hates it.

Originally published in
"2299: Sci-Fi Visions of the Future"
Fall 2015

"The War"

Story by Josh Trujillo
Art by Alex Diotto
Colors by Chris Northrop
Letters by Adam Pruett

Cultures clash and tempers flare during a routine app-based taxi drive.

Originally published in
"Stuck in the Gutters, Issue 1"
Summer 2016


"You'll Find the Right Girl, Eventually!"

Story by Josh Trujillo
Art & Letters by Dave Valeza
Colors by Zoe Chevat

A young man reexamines his sexuality after a chance encounter at the dodgeball game.

Originally published in
"Anything That Loves: Comics
Beyond Gay & Straight
Summer 2015

"The Augur"

Story by Josh Trujillo
Art by Elliot Baggott

A man of science is called in to solve the mystery of Miriam Hartley, a suspected witch whose body has gone missing.

Originally published in
"Unlawful Good: An Anthology of Crime"
Fall 2015


Story by Josh Trujillo
Art by Cody Evan Silver

A struggling comic book creator sees her independent creation presented as cosplay for the very first time.

Originally published in "Alphabet"
Summer 2016

"Trump’s White House Won’t Acknowledge June as LGBT Heritage Month"

Words by Josh Trujillo
Art & Letters by Maia Kobabe

Looking at the importance of preserving and sharing Queer history and heritage.

Originally published on
The Nib, June 25, 2017

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